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All our large equipment are Bobcats


Mini Excavators


We have five Bobcat Excavators, ranging  from 6000 lb up to 11,000. Perfect for small DIY projects and light Construction.

 Price range  $225 - $285 24 hrs (8hrs on the meter)

Skid Steers


Skid steer are great for moving rock and pushing dirt. Three sizes available for any size job. Attachments available for the S185.

 Price range  $135 - $175 / 24 hrs (8hrs on the meter) 

Mini Track loaders


Don't be fooled by its size. These machines are dynamos. We have two of these versatile little powerhouses.  Easy to maneuver in small spaces. Attachments available. Price range  $150 - $165 / 

24 hrs (8hrs on the meter)  

Compact Tractors


Got that farm work to do and just don't have the tractor for the job? We have two. Let us know what you are doing and we'll help you decide which is best for your job.Attachments available.

 Price range  $175 - $260 / 24 hrs (8hrs on the meter)  

Attachments For Tractors


We have PTO attachments for our
compact tractors: Brush mowers, auger

and box blade attachments are available.

Rent with our tractors for separately 

for your own.

Average rental is $100/24hrs

Attachments For Skid Steers and MTs

Attachments for available for S185 skid and for MTs. Rent with our machines or for yours.

We have a variety of attachment for our skid 

steers and mini track loaders. From

forks to augers to rototillers to snow blades.

Come in and check them out.

Average rental is $100/24hrs.

BELOW IS An updated list of popular EQUIPMENT AND PRICES

Need advice, ask our experts.


Not sure what tool you need for the job?

Come on in and ask our crew. We have years of experience and knowledge to lend. We will do

our best to make sure you get the right tool for the job. If we don't have have the tool or the answer

 you are looking for, give us time and we will try to find it for you.