Small Construction tools


Concrete Tools

We have a variety of tools for backyard and small construction concrete projects such as concrete saw,

bull float, finishing tools and power trowel. 

Lawn care

Lawn mower, billy goats  and rototillers OH MY!  Come in see if we can help you get your jungle tamed.
There's no winter reprieve when it comes to mowing around here.

Assorted Outdoor Equipment

Need a logsplitter?  Need a wood chipper? How about a post hole auger? We just might have what you are looking for. We also have trenchers, generators  and  more.

Small Electric Hand tools

Stuck in the house because its raining outside? Looking at that home repair and you just don't have the

tools? Give us a call and see what we have before you buy something you might never use again.

Looking forward to busy rental season!!



We just got in a trailer load of equipment that we are

currently inventorying. Many items of which we have 

had requests for. Looking forward to our new toys going out.



Last season we made contact with some new wedding

venues in the area and some looking to get off the ground

in the coming 2020 season. Check local listing

for information. 


Don't Have What You Need?

If we do not have what you are looking for, we will try

to help you find someone who does. If you have a 

suggestion for a tool that we should carry, we 

always appreciate the inpute.

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